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Dr. Rola Hamarnah


Mr. Rageiy El Hamarnah, ​RCIC



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We welcome you to explore our website; discover our services and programs; and contact us if you have any questions. Most importantly - we look forward to helping you and welcoming you to Canada personally!

In 2009, Mr. Rageiy El Hamarnah began in the field of immigration because of a sincere desire to help others fulfill their dream of building a new life in Canada; safely navigate the often complex and confusing immigration process; and provide a superior immigration experience. As an immigrant, himself, and as a Canadian citizen, he understands the obvious and unspoken challenges and excitement that a new life in Canada can bring. Mr. Hamarnah became an RCIC in November 2021.

Mr. David Won has been a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant since December 2016. Born in Canada to first-generation Korean immigrant parents, he grew up within the multi-cultural fabric that makes Canada unique around the world. 

​In 2016, Mr. El Hamarnah and Mr. Won founded HG Immigration Ltd. under the same shared values, ethics and goals.


Mr. David Won, RCIC



Certified ICEF Education Agent

​Mr. Amer Hassanein

Agent - Turkey

​Mr. Jasim Aljawder

Agent - Bahrain

In January 2020, we opened our first international office in Bahrain with Mr. Jasim Aljawder as our Agent and Managing Director (Bahrain). In November 2020, we opened our second international office in Cairo, Egypt and welcomed another member of the leadership team with Ms. Rola Hamarnah, MENA Regional Manager (Egypt). In June 2021, we expanded our presence once again with our office in Amman, Jordan; our Central Canada office in Calgary, Alberta in September 2021; and in October 2021, with our office Istanbul, Turkey.