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The Six Steps of Canadian Immigration

Each immigration program has their own program specific steps and requirements. However, they can all be summarized in the following six steps:

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment

​This first step is to assess your individual situation to determine a) your eligibility and b) which of the over 60 immigration categories best match your situation. Once the proper category has been identified and you are eligible for that category, we MUST work quickly. Immigration programs are very dynamic and programs can be cancelled without notice.

Step 2: File Preparation

Once you have decided to move forward, we will formalize the relationship and HG Immigration will be your official representative. We will create a plan that will be used to create and build a file that will present you in the best possible light with the Canadian government. Most of the work happens during this stage and we will work closely with you to complete your file quickly and accurately. Once your file is completed, it will undergo a final check and then be submitted to the Government of Canada. You will receive a file number from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Your file is now "in process". ** It is CRITICAL that you inform us of any changes to your situation or circumstances immediately!

Step 3: Interview

​Once your application has been reviewed by the immigration officials, you will be called for an interview. The officer who will conduct the interview will review certain areas of your application and seek clarification or areas of concern. We will work with you to make sure that you clearly understand the process and you are well prepared. Please note that it is possible that you may be exempt from an interview and given a waiver. This means that your application is very clear and the examining officials do not need to meet with you. Once the interview is complete, the officer will provide feedback; and note if he/she is satisfied or will highlight areas of concern. We will then proceed accordingly. 

​Step 4: Medical

​Once you are at this stage of the process, you are pretty much assured of being granted a visa. You will be issued instructions to visit a “Designated Medical Professional” for your final health check. As part of the process the Canadian government wants to ensure that new immigrants are physically healthy so as to not put a strain on the healthcare system or to introduce harmful diseases into the general population. Once you are given a green light on your health check you will then have your passport stamped with your visa.

Step 5: Pre-departure

CONGRATULATIONS! You have received approval to travel to Canada. You are now one of the select few chosen to come to Canada and make Canada your new home. We now enter a very important part of stage...the Settlement Process. It is time to wrap things up in your country and make final arrangements for your arrival in Canada. We will work closely with you; and ensure that you are given the resources and information that you need to get off to the right start in Canada.

​Step 6: Settlement

​You have now arrived in Canada and you will need to get settled into your new home. HG Immigration has taken care of your entry into the country. We offer additional services to guide you in your settlement so that your transition is smooth and comfortable.