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Foreign Worker Work Permits

Start your life in Canada with a job!

HGi works with employers across Canada to provide qualified foreign nationals with employment opportunites in many different industries. Gaining Canadian work experience is often the first step to gaining Permanent Residence. We provide recruiting services to candidates at no charge. However, we do charge for related immigration services. Let's see if we can get you working in Canada!


Can't find people to fill your vacant positions? We can help!

Let us save you time and effort by finding, screening, and personally interviewing highly qualified candidates from over 11 countries! Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Our immigration team will take care of all immigration matters for both you and the candidate, and get them working for you as quickly as possible!

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Study Permit

Study in Canada! 

Canada is the education destination of choice for students from around the world. Completing your studies in Canada, you have multiple immigration options available to you upon graduation, including a Post Graduate Open Work Permit. However, it is absolutely critical to have a plan BEFORE you apply to a Canadian school if your desire is to eventually become a Permanent Resident. We are also certified education consultants and school agnostic. Let us help you select the right school for you!

Business/Investor Immigration

Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in the making, this may be for you!

If you already have an existing business that you want to expand into Canada, or you have extensive management experience and the capital to invest in a business, this may be your pathway to Canada. Business immigration is the most complex type of immigration file and each solution is unique to the client. An initial consultation is a MUST!

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Family Sponsorship

Bring your family to Canada!

Family reunification is a pillar of Canada's immigration policy, and we love bringing families together. Talk to us to see if your family member(s) are eligible and make the next family gathering a joyful one.

Permanent Residence

Create new life and future for you and your children in Canada!

Canada has many immigration pathways to Permanent Residence. Your unique situation will determine which program would be best for you. Some programs allow you to apply for PR almost immediately. Others require you to wait a year or more before you are eligible to apply.  There are federal programs, provincial programs, rural programs and pilot programs. We'll sort it all out for you.

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Visitor Visa/Super Visa

Visit family, explore Canada and learn what makes Canada great!

There are so many reasons to visit Canada! The great outdoors. Amazing metropolitan cities. Unforgettable wildlife and national/provincial parks. Multiculturism - it's part of our national Consitution!. 


Looking for a safe harbour from persecution, a life threating situation, forced out from your homeland? 

The decision to claim refugee status should be a decision of last resort. Claiming refugee status elimnates you from many immigration pathways. However, Canada is a nation that is internationally known to welcome eligible refugees and provide many rights and benefits to successful claimants.

Don't forget to ask us about the new PR pilot program for refugees!

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